ThinkCyber Triumphs at TEISS Awards, winning "Best Cyber Security Training and Awareness Product or Service”

Best Cyber Security Training & Awareness Product or Service Winner ThinkCyber v3


ThinkCyber is pleased to announce our recent recognition at the TEISS Awards, where we were honoured with the title of "Best Cyber Security Training and Awareness Product or Service," against very strong competition. The TEISS Awards are renowned for acknowledging excellence in the cybersecurity industry, as judged by our industry peers, and we are genuinely humbled to be recognised.

This recognition reflects our focus on innovation, challenging the “tick box” status quo and delivering a best-in-class solution that really drives measurable secure behaviour change.

Our entry emphasised the challenges in this space of engagement, measurement, and being able to show that awareness is having an impact. We went on to show how Redflags® ability to intervene at the point of risk, exactly as risky behaviours take place, allows us to deliver real impact:

  • staff being 44% less likely to click on phishing links.
  • 68% more likely to report during a recent phishing simulation.
  • we’ve achieved a 45.6% reduction in screens left unlocked over several months.

We always achieve high engagement, for example, one client moved from 26% engagement across 4 years, to 90% each month across a year with Redflags®.

We also highlighted customer feedback such as “I’m absolutely loving Redflags® I don't need to do that much, it’s just easy. The metrics are really useful and can be explained really simply”.

Tim Ward, our CEO & Co-founder, expressed his gratitude, stating, "When you start on this journey, of building a business and innovating, you do it because you've had or seen a problem that isn't being fixed by existing solutions. That is exactly where Mike Butler and I came from in setting up and building Redflags®. To get an award like this, to be recognised by security peers, is just fantastic validation that we aren’t the only ones who see there is a problem here to be solved, and that Redflags® is best in class at solving that problem for our amazing clients.”

This recognition will spur us to keep pushing the boundaries of excellence, and providing our customers with the tools to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity.


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