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Most organisations now accept the need for a Security Awareness Training programme in some form or other. But what’s the use of this programme if you’re not measuring its effectiveness? More importantly, what if you’re not measuring the right thing?

Read "Measuring the success of phishing simulations, “positive” behaviour change"




We had a great month of events



Future of Cyber in Manchester

In my talk, we explored what’s not working about current approaches to security awareness and the human factor in security. I unpicked the science behind behaviour models to help us understand why risky behaviours happen, and more importantly how to stop them.


International Cyber Expo at Olympia, London 

In this talk, I touched on why we should be looking at nudge theory, what makes a good nudge and why, how to run a campaign to steer behaviours, and the potential impact this approach can have. Find out more in this article



You can now watch the webinars on demand

Building secure habits: A behavioural science perspective



What’s next


05 OCTOBER 2023

Raising Cybersecurity Awareness: Involving your people to maximise technology adoption 

9.30am – 3pm (BST), in person – Central London
10am – 2.15pm (BST), live stream – Zoom


17-19 OCTOBER 2023

 CyberCon Melbourne 

Don't miss my talk Influence and Behaviour Change – Securing the Human Factor

Thursday 19th Oct, 11:05am (AEDT)




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You can now watch the webinars on demand

Why your security awareness isn't working and what to do about it


Phishing simulations: The controversial "awareness" programme

We continued the conversation we started on March 22nd facilitated by Gareth Thomas, Education and Awareness Senior Manager, Lloyds Banking Group




Influence and behaviour change - Securing the human factor

Phishing Simulations: should we really send mock emails to our colleagues?


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