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BigSASIG in London

I was on the stage exploring the 5 mistakes when tackling the human aspect of cyber security. I also explored the behaviour science models that can tell us what we should be doing and offered actionable insights to apply to your organisation - be it large or small. 



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We’ve previously introduced Kate as a typical employee being subjected to traditional security awareness training. After her training she goes on holiday, has a busy working life with all sorts of distractions, and then when a risky situation occurs, we expect her to recall that training.

It’s clear that that is quite a big ask. But if traditional training isn’t helping, what might have been the optimal time to help Kate?

Read our Goldilocks theory of security awareness




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You can catch us at the events below

13 JUNE 2023, SASIG

Edinburgh SASIG



Future of Cyber


20-22 JUNE 2023, EXCEL - LONDON

Infosecurity Europe



07 JUNE 2023, SASIG

Why your security awareness isn't working and what to do about it


12 JUNE 2023, SASIG

Phishing simulations: The controversial "awareness" programme

Let's continue the conversation we started on March 22nd facilitated by Gareth Thomas, Education and Awareness Senior Manager, Lloyds Banking Group

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