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Poorly conceived cyber security training can be a massive turn-off. However, where it is delivered properly, it can empower the workforce to make decisions that help protect them and the business


Next, next, next… yawn, that’s the typical reaction to security awareness training”, says Tim Ward, CEO & CO-founder at Think Cyber Security. “Or a sense of embarrassment and broken trust, as a result of phishing tests.” Research carried out by ThinkCyber found that even the phrase “mandatory Awareness” sets organisations up to fail. “we know it’s not for us; it’s the organisation covering its back”… Keep reading the article in Computer Security Magazine



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The Future of Cyber Conference in Manchester

“What happens after traditional annual eLearning?
According to Ebbinghaus, within 5 days we only recall about 20% of what we learned. If we are faced with a decision after that, and with the many workplace distractions we face, we aren’t “primed”; the information is unlikely to be “available”; under pressure, emotion and context will be king; and we will be in System 1 – automatic pilot… Continue to the full summary



In-the-moment nudges – How to apply nudge theory to awareness

What would it be like to be ‘there’, just when you were needed, to offer a tap on the shoulder and steer your colleagues in the right direction when they were about to do something risky? Click a link, plug in a USB, upload a file, or give away their credentials…?
This takes nudge theory to its logical conclusion – timely, in the moment, and even measurable… Watch webinar on demand



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Spilled coffee5 mistakes when tackling the human aspect of cyber security

Whilst there is increasing recognition that we need to tackle the human aspect of cyber security through training our people, we still see some key mistakes being made in the way many organisations approach this.



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Cloud & Cyber Security Expo 2023
On the 9th, James van den Bergh from DLA Piper and Tim Ward from ThinkCyber explore three specific use cases where behaviour change interventions can be used to reduce organisational risk in a global organisation.

Theatre 1 – 12.50 pm
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22 MARCH 2023, SASIG
Phishing simulations: Should we really send mock emails to our colleagues?
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24 MARCH 2023, SASIG
Can we change behaviours in Real-time? A behavioural science approach.
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